Everything You Need to Know About Hockey Tape

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Everything You Need to Know About Hockey Tape

Hockey players from all over the world continue to fall in love with the tradition of using hockey tape for everything. Between changing the tape on their stick, putting tape on their shin pads, using tape around their skates and of course fixing things around the house, hockey tape tends to run out pretty fast. If you are anything like us, you also go through a lot of hockey tape and that can sometimes be an understatement!

For clear tape, it is obvious that nobody wants to feel their shin pads moving around creating uncomfortable friction.  Finding a quality clear tape that actually sticks is the key.  Go to cheap, and well, you get what you pay for and you end up just buying more!  We've seen a lot of players wrapping their pads three to four times around in order to avoid any movement. We know it's important to make sure that every player has clear tape in stock, however, you don't want to be running to the store to buy packs of tape that don't work very well. Another trend we noticed is players and goalies using clear tape for their skates to keep the tongue out of their way, which only increases the amount of tape used per game. A great way to cut down on the cost and inconvenience of having to buy new tape is to make sure you buy your tape in bulk. We have found that buying small amounts of tape usually ends up being more expensive and results in more trips to the store.  Make sure you get good quality clear tape.  The cheaper stuff doesn't have enough tack, and so doesn't stick when your socks or skates are wet.  

A good quality hockey tape for the right price is what every hockey player is looking for, as technology changes the way that we play hockey, the function of your tape needs to adapt. For example, hockey sticks have evolved to be something completely different than the sticks players were using 20 years ago. The new materials and methods have made it clear that your hockey tape needs to adapt to the performance expectations. Along with many other blogs we have found that the Comp-O-Stik technology is one of the best in terms of performance and design.  You can find these tapes for sale on our site by clicking here.

As for tape patterns and colours, each combination is really a personal preference.  A lot of players use black tape because they say it makes the puck blend into their stick.  Others use white tape because their stick blends with the ice better.  We have even heard of people using both black and white tape so that you can get the best of both worlds. Of course, there is also the crazy coloured tape which most players use because it looks “cool”.  We can say that no matter what your preference is, you want to make sure you choose a great quality tape.

After reading many blogs and conducting some research on the best brand, style, and colour of tape, we discovered it mostly comes down to the preference of the player.  With that being said, there are ways to make sure which ever tape you choose lasts longer.  Using wax to prevent build up and to give you better control of the puck is a great trick lots of players use and it works pretty well. However, in the end, all tape will need to be changed in order to really ensure that your stick is performing the way it's supposed to.  

At The Twig Shack, you can browse our selection of tapes by clicking here.  As always, all of our products come with free shipping so you can save yourself time and money.

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